Rombakstøtta hiking

Rombakstøtta hiking

Rombakstøtta is often called the Matterhorn of Narvik and with its distinct profile, it is an eye catching mountain visible from the centre of Narvik city. Tøtte is local slang for girl and Rombak comes from the fjord that the mountian overlooks, the Rombaksfjorden.

The start of the trip towards the summit of Rombakstøtta goes from the trailhead at about 200 meters elevation and along easy walking trails in the Tøttadalen (Tøtta-Valley). Once up on the mountain itself, at about 800 meters elevation, there are two possible routes one can follow to to reach the summit; the east Ridge or the west Ridge.

The east ridge is the normal route to the summit of Rombakstøtta. To get here you cut along the south face of rombakstøtta, passing several screes along the way. The route is fairly easy and never involves any real climbing, but the last leg towards the summit involves some scrambling, where, depending on condtions, a rope might be handy.

The west ridge is a more challenging route and involves about 200 meters of climbing and scrambling with ropes and climbing gear and is a more diffucult, but also a more spectacular route to the summit of Rombakstøtta. The route follows a ridge that goes between the north and south faces of the mountain and offers great a view to both the valley to the south and the fjord to the north.

The summit of Rombakstøtta is 1230 meters high. The top of the mountain is a true summit with an airy feel and offers a spectacular 360 degree view. To reach the summit and get back to the car park, the walk is about 15 kilometers long. Depending on which route one chooses to reach the summit, the trip takes somewhere between 6 to 10 hours .

1 person: 4000,- NOK
2 persons: 5000,- NOK

Marius O. Larsen

Tindevegleder/Mountain guide

Opp+Ned Fjellføring is a small guiding company that offers all season mountain guiding in northern Norway. Opp+Ned is based in Narvik and is owned and run by Marius Opdahl Larsen. He is an internationally certified Mountain Guide (IFMGA-UIAGM-IVBV) through the Norwegian guide association Nortind. He also works as a field observer for the Norwegian avalanche forecasting service in the region of Narvik.