Stetind hiking

Stetind hiking

Stetind, an almost 1400 meter high granite monolith that protrudes directly up from the sea is Norway`s national mountain. Stetind is located by Stefjorden, about a hour drive south of Narvik city.

The climb to the summit starts at the parking lot beneath the west ridge of Stetind, just by the shoreline. From there it is an about three to four hour long hike to the east summit, known as Halls fortopp. From here the last leg to the summit goes along the east ridge, which is also known as the Normal route. The climb along the ridge is for the most part comprised of easy, but airy scrambling. There is however a marked crux about half way along the ridge, known as Mysosten. Here you have to climb up a 15-20 meter slab at norwegian grade 4+, while you have a 800 meter drop straight down to the valley below beneath you.

The climb to the summit of Stetind involves about 1400 meters elevation and is approximately 10 km in length. To get to the summit and back takes between 8-11 hours. To be able to do the climb you have to be used to long hikes in rugged terrain. You do not need to be an experienced climber, but you should be comfortable on airy and exposed terrain.

1 person: 5500,- NOK
2 persons: 7200,- NOK

Marius O. Larsen

Tindevegleder/Mountain guide

Opp+Ned Fjellføring is a small guiding company that offers all season mountain guiding in northern Norway. Opp+Ned is based in Narvik and is owned and run by Marius Opdahl Larsen. He is an internationally certified Mountain Guide (IFMGA-UIAGM-IVBV) through the Norwegian guide association Nortind. He also works as a field observer for the Norwegian avalanche forecasting service in the region of Narvik.