Verdenssvaet hiking

Verdenssvaet hiking

The literal translation for Verdensvaet is the slab of the world. As the name suggest it is a giant, inclined granite slab that slowly climbs from the carpark at about 60 meters above the sea towards the summit of Henriksnesfjellet at 463 meters elevation.

Verdsensvaet is located close to the beautiful Efjorden, about an hours drive south of Narvik city. The hike across Verdenssvaet towards the summit of Henriksnesfjellet feels like walking over a sea of granite. The terrain is never difficult and you can enjoy the magical scenery that surrounds you, with great views towards the impressive neighbouring mountains of Kugelhornet and Eidetind and to the surrounding fjords and all the way to the islands of Lofoten. Close to the summit there is a small pond in which you can enjoy a bath on hot summer days.

The roundtrip from the carpark to the summit of Henriksnesfjellet and across Verdenssvaet and back again, is a aproximately 6 kilomters long with about 400 meters elevation and takes somewhere between 4-6 hours.


Marius O. Larsen

Tindevegleder/Mountain guide

Opp+Ned Fjellføring is a small guiding company that offers all season mountain guiding in northern Norway. Opp+Ned is based in Narvik and is owned and run by Marius Opdahl Larsen. He is an internationally certified Mountain Guide (IFMGA-UIAGM-IVBV) through the Norwegian guide association Nortind. He also works as a field observer for the Norwegian avalanche forecasting service in the region of Narvik.